About Jennifer Kruidbos, MA

Corporate Yoga Instructor and Wellness Facilitator

Former Corporate Employee Turned “Yoga Master” Helps Busy Business Professionals Ease Stress, Get Fit and Have Fun with Yoga at Work

Jennifer Kruidbos, MA, during her personal daily yoga practice

Jennifer left the security of her position in pursuit of what really mattered to her; a meaningful life in tune with her values and lasting personal fulfillment.

Her journey led her straight to yoga. “At first, I didn’t see how yoga would benefit me, but after a few classes, I began to feel more centered, more balanced, and I was thinking more clearly. Then I knew there was something to this.”

Jennifer dove into the world of yoga, becoming a certified instructor and landing regular teaching positions with several well-known Montreal schools. Her education and corporate experience helped her bring yoga to the corporate world too: she’s taught yoga in law firms, medical centers, tech startups and even to a department of the Quebec government.

Yoga for a Healthier Body, Sharper Mind and a Better Life

Most would think yoga is just for the body, but not Jennifer. “Yoga is a physical practice, but it’s so much more. It’s an age old system to help people take back control of mind and body and develop a deeper connection to themselves. Yoga practice is about tuning in to the deeper levels of our experience. Yoga and mindfulness can help us dissolve barriers, get out of our own way and achieve what we want more easily. A couple of hours of yoga a week can help us be more focused, more productive, make better decisions, improve our self-control and boost Emotional Intelligence.

Jennifer's classes have become popular with Montreal companies because she distills yoga into practical tools anyone can use and understand. She takes out the "mumbo jumbo" and teaches yoga in a way that offers practical help to busy business people who want to improve their mental, emotional and physical health, and boost performance and productivity.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress, sharpen your mind, boost productivity and of course, stretch, tone and slim, Jennifer's yoga classes can help.

For more information visit www.JenniferKruidbos.com or call 514-207-9549